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My goal is to share encouragement, grace, and hope from God's Word, and to brighten your day. Mission trips abroad have enlarged my heart and reminded me once again that regardless of our skin color or location we all need a savior, and His name is Jesus. I pray that my articles will lift your spirits and point you to the One who loves you most.

Fran's newest book
Hope is on the way by fran sandin

Hope on the Way: Devotions To Go
by Fran Sandin

Throughout many travels with her husband, Jim, Fran Sandin encountered unique situations and interesting people.

And little tidbits of God's truth along the way!

Join the excursion into these fifty-two devotional stories, whether you're a seasoned journeyer or an armchair traveler, and explore the possibilities of the path on which God has placed you.

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Breaking Point

A word from Fran Sandin—Marji Laine’s newest book, Breaking Point, is so impressive I wanted to share more about it with my readers. I also interviewed Marji so you can meet the author, too.

Marji, how did your writing career begin?

I started writing (a screenplay for a crime drama) in 2nd grade. LOL! Seriously, though, I always had stories going on in my head. I began writing my first novel on the plane home from my honeymoon. I’d been inspired by the beauty of the Colorado ski resort. I never got past chapter five. Then almost twenty years ago, my mom challenged me, “If money and time weren’t an issue, what would you be doing?” I immediately answered, “Writing.” I surprised myself because I had a successful scrapbooking/stamping business that I really enjoyed. But I loved writing. The next month, I completed my first novel. I think that would be when the career began. I focused on writing as my business from then on.

Who is your target audience?

I write Christian mystery, romance, and suspense. Authors will have all sorts of reasons that they write. Many Christian authors write toward the mainstream audience, for instance, to share about the Lord with readers who might not have heard about Jesus. My reason for writing is a little different, though. I write to women who are already believers. I write to encourage them to stay close to the Lord by using characters who have authentic relationships with Him. My hope is to rekindle the fire of our first love in the hearts of my readers.

What do you hope to accomplish?

Wow, that’s a hard question. When I began my journey, my hubby advised that publishing might not be the finish line for me. He thought that God would use what I learned to maybe put me in a classroom – I do love to teach. Neither of us fathomed that the Lord would give me a publishing company. I’ve learned so much running Write Integrity Press that I’ve begun doing freelance work in support of the ministry that published your book, Fran. Roaring Lambs Publishing. So, in answer to your question, I think what I hope to accomplish is to learn how to be more obedient to His direction and more ready to see the tasks that He gives to me.

What encouragement have you received?

I love working in an industry where the “competitors” are all cheering you on. Christian authors want Christian books to grow. It builds the Body/Kingdom and helps all of us. I had great encouragement from reviews, from my agent before I was published, and from my editors along the way. For specific encouragement though I have a few things I can cite:

  • In 2013, I won a spot in a collaboration. The book, The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt, was an Amazon bestseller and launched me, as a first-time author, into Amazon’s top 100 Authors. I was #47 for eight days right in front of Leo Tolstoy! LOL!
  • In 2017, my first full-length novel was a finalist for the Grace Award for Action and Adventure.
  • In 2019, I won my first award for my only Christian Contemporary Romance, Ain’t Misbehaving.
  • In 2021, I won the Christian Literary Reader’s Choice award for Fiction for my romantic suspense, Breaking Point.
  • Also in 2021, I was invited to take part in a series of Christian historical mysteries. This branched into another invitation from the same publisher for another book – different era.

I have to say, the Lord knows when I’m starting to question if I’m following well. He always gives me another bit of encouragement. Writing can be very solitary, so those appreciations and encouragements mean a great deal!

What are your current goals?

I have a few right now:

  • After enjoying some time away from social media, I’m looking forward to building a different type of group around mystery and suspense-loving readers.
  • I’m hoping to learn some of the emerging aspects of the Christian publishing industry.
  • My next historical mystery comes out late summer, so I’ll be focusing a lot of attention there.
  • My very first grandbaby is due in August – squeal! Don’t you know I’ll be focusing attention there!
  • And one of my twins is getting married in September. I’m having a blast planning her wedding with her! Yea!

About Breaking Point:

The mere rumor of treasure can change lives or destroy friendships--but kill?

Alynne's Stone's planned out and predictable life ended when she hurried to her mother's side to support her during a family tragedy. So why would she now have a target on her back? Her father’s death had nothing to do with her, but suddenly she's having these “accidents”? How can she stay and support her mom when someone is intent on eliminating her?

Police Lieutenant Jason Danvers believes her father was murdered. How, he can't fathom, but he also can't ignore the details that don't add up. Attempts on Alynne’s life must be somehow connected. Still dealing with the pain of his own wife's death, he can’t allow an innocent woman to die on his watch. Especially one as scintillating as Alynne Stone.

Even in a small town, things—and people—aren't always what they appear to be.

Marji Laine is a graduated home-schooling mom of four with her twin girls staying in the nest for a little while longer. She and her hubby of thirty-five years also share their North Texas home with a rescue pup named Rosie and their daughter's newest addition, a shepherd-husky mix named Anastasia.

When Marji isn't editing or publishing the books for her authors at Write Integrity Press, she indulges in penning her own mystery, suspense, and romance novels. She can also be found supporting a local ministry with its publishing needs or helping other authors through her freelancing.

She loves acting in musical comedy, has directed many stage productions, leads a ladies' Bible study, and sings alto in her church choir. She prefers mountains to beaches, dogs to cats, NASCAR to football, Tex-Mex, Magnolia pie, white roses, all shades of blue and green, and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

Visit her website:

Margi will be signing her books at the New Chapter Bookstore in Greenville, TX, Saturday, May 14, from 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome!